From the Groom’s point of view…
I tell people that I fell in love with Tania instantly when I first saw her ice-skating for the Canadian Olympic trials. I’m just kidding, of course. But I know she could have done that if she had wanted to. She could have been anything at all. She chose to be a doctor. And that’s what made it possible for us to meet.
Many years ago I was a recruiter specializing in placing doctors with hospitals and medical groups in St. Louis. A doctor I had worked with previously (lets call him Dennis) knew of this professional just out of residency and looking for a practice. I had never met Dennis in person. We had only spoken on the phone but he had an idea that Tania and I should meet. Dinner was arranged at Zia’s on the Hill. There is no finer Italian dining than on the Hill in St. Louis. I arrived early and looked around the crowded room. Dennis was not there yet but there was a tall, blond gorgeous woman standing there who was absolutely beautiful. Hopeful this was she…I said “Tania?” She said “John?”
More to come….

After dinner we said bye to “Dennis and She”.  We weren’t quite ready to say goodnight.  After strolling the streets of this quaint little township, many times stopping to talk and look each other in the eyes, we needed to end this first time dance.  We said goodbye…nice evening…we’ll talk again.  I should have kissed her.  She should have reached up and kissed me.  Neither of us did.  What a shame.


Without a need to formally exchange phone numbers (I had hers from her CV) I followed up with a phone call.  We exchanged several conversations which consumed hours on the phone.  We met again; we enjoyed dinner and danced again.  We bantered opinions and we filled our evenings with small talk.  At this point I “Kinda hada special feelin about this girl”.


Thankfully, she had that same “Special kinda feelin for me too”.  We started dating.  We have enjoyed life together.  Have you ever had a picnic on a bail of straw in the twilight at the end of a small airport runway?  Zip lined through the Mexican Canopy?  Spent a day together in Sandwich MA?  Enjoyed the foothills of the Rocky Mountains?  We have, experienced years of bonding experiences and look forward to many more years of continued experiences, rewards and love.